Experienced Professionals

Imagine being surrounded by a high-performing team all working toward the same goal

Whether you’re looking to advance your career or looking for a new challenge, BJ Services is always looking for skilled, experienced professionals to join our team.  

We invest time and resources in building leaders and seek those who share our values and our commitment to safe and reliable service.

What has been the most influential moment in your career?

In our industry, we always talk about the importance of safety. Early in my career, I witnessed a serious safety incident and the effect it had on our co-workers and the employee’s family. That’s when I knew I could do more to make an impact and help keep people focused and safe on the job. That’s when I decided to focus my career on Health & Safety.

What is the culture like at BJ Services?

We apply high reliability principles to everything we do, from working in the field to working in Human Resources or Finance. Everyone at BJ Services does their part to be reliable and error free. There’s no wall between employees and management—we have a true open door policy and team mentality. We work together to continually learn and dig deep into our challenges so we can improve ourselves and our business. We deliver service in a way where there’s more flexibility and trust to be reliable and safe, time after time.

Why are you excited to be part of the team?

There are many opportunities for growth, both as a company and as employees. I’m most excited about growing the company in the right way, and giving people a way to grow and develop their skills. I learn something new every day and I can’t wait to see what we’re going to move onto next.