Female Leaders

Meet our team members who are making significant contributions to our company and inspiring other women in pressure pumping services and the energy industry at large.

Gladyss Ramos, Technical Manager

Gladyss Ramos


Gladyss oversees engineering and laboratory services in our Odessa, TX office. She supports operations in the Permian Basin. 

What is one significant contribution you have made in your career?

I started my career working in the field in Mexico performing fracturing operations. At that time, there were no career programs for operations. There were programs for engineers and other professionals, but nothing for operations. I was given career coaching and then started a local program to teach and coach operators on how to be better at their current jobs and how to progress their careers.

What does the statement, “Leaders Building Leaders” mean to you?

A good leader takes all of the tools and resources available and through their personality, background and passion for their job inspires others to follow them and coach them to be leaders.

Who has inspired you?

I have had managers who have worked their way up from the bottom. They understand how the job should be conducted and would demonstrate and teach by example. They also instilled in me the importance of getting involved with professional groups, organizations and others in the business to have a bigger impact on the industry.

What advice would you give to someone who is looking to work in our industry? 

Learn as much as you can. If you are new or just starting your career, the best place to learn is the field. Learn about the company, your district and your job. Most importantly, be visible and make contacts with others in the field, in the office, clients and other professional in our industry. It will take you a long way.

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Carla Lewis, Product Line Director, Fracturing

Carla Lewis

Product Line Director, Fracturing

Carla leads the development and management of client relationships in all operating areas. 

What best prepared you for your career?

I started my career working as a field engineer. At that time, being in the oilfield was extremely competitive and many people said that I wouldn’t last a year. My managers challenged me by assigning tasks with increasing responsibility and I felt surprised, empowered and rewarded by what I was able to accomplish. That perseverance and drive has enabled me to achieve major initiatives that are making the company more profitable. 

What is a major contribution you have made to the company?

I bring an honest and fresh perspective to the business. I have a voice to say when I think there are better ways of accomplishing our objectives and the team here at BJ respects every employee’s opinion and provides an open forum to speak up. 

When do you feel most rewarded?

I like to work with people and enjoy being a role model. I like to have conversations with young engineers to help and guide them in their careers. I feel most rewarded when I can influence someone’s behavior to make a positive change.

What advice would you give to other female engineers looking to progress their careers in this field? 

It is demanding, but rewarding. Being part of the field operations will give you a better understanding of the business, which can be challenging for women who need flexibility in their work schedules. Running a household is just like running a business. You need to make sound decisions and utilize available resources, as well as family and friends to give you the support you need. Most of all, try to learn as much as you can. Always stay connected to the wellhead and get your boots dirty.

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Andrea Osmond, Director of Marketing & Communications

Andrea Osmond


Andrea leads the company’s marketing and communications and contributes to the business strategy and planning.

What best prepared you for your career?

I began my career working as an engineer in field operations. This basis gave me a solid foundation to understand how operations are conducted, how to solve problems and the expectations of a service company. As my career has evolved, I continued to build upon that foundation taking on roles in technology development, strategy, planning and analysis, as well as business development and marketing. Taking on diverse and challenging roles provided new perspective and afforded me the insight to think strategically about technology and operations with a focus on the success of the overall business.

What is unique about the BJ culture?

BJ has a strong brand, built on an authentic desire to work as a team and deliver truly unique results. Our teams work collaboratively across the organization and in partnership with our clients to bring fresh and innovative ideas to solve North American challenges.

What is one significant contribution you have made in your career?

In a previous role, I created an interactive multidimensional market mapping technology used for strategic business planning, analysis and alignment that facilitated the creation of several global integrated oilfield services strategies.

What advice would you give to someone looking for a career with BJ? 

We’re building a true team culture. Our leadership is responsive, involved and committed, and we empower our employees to do their best work. We rely upon the expertise and accountability of the team. If you’re looking to challenge yourself, focus on our core principles and make an impactful contribution, then BJ is the place for you.

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Christina Vachira, Scientist

Christina Vachira


Christina is a member of BJ’s technology team. She performs research and development of fracturing fluids and provides technical and customer service for field operations. 

What is your biggest contribution to the company thus far?

We have tested, screened and added the best products to the product line. We are always looking for solutions that use less polymer, produce less residue in the well, enhance production, yield less waste and are more cost-effective for our clients.

What inspires you?

I have had strong mentors who have set a great example of how to be a leader. It inspires me to want to teach others, pass on my knowledge and prepare other team members to become leaders themselves.

What advice would you give to other people looking to be a part of the industry? 

Originally, I wanted to go into the medical field, but when I moved to Houston, I became exposed to and interested in the energy industry. There are many different aspects of industry and it is a constantly changing, fast-paced environment. The best advice I can give to others is to be willing to challenge yourself, be open to new ideas and most of all, be yourself. 

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