Military Veterans

Transfer your existing skills to the energy industry

Through your service, you have gained experience, skills, and leadership abilities. 

BJ services seeks people who share our values of teamwork, safety, and a passion for quality service. We can help you leverage and transition your existing skills into an exciting and fulfilling new career.

How does your military experience help you at BJ Services?

In the Marine Corps, we operated within strict processes to develop plans, execute missions, and then review each mission to determine what was done right and what was done wrong. Most importantly, we learned that when things go wrong, to focus on what is right versus who is right. The great thing about BJ Services is I can apply those same skills here. Our high-reliability model builds on my military training by applying those same processes to ensure we provide safe and reliable service. 

What’s your favorite part of your job?

Every day I work with leadership at all levels to develop them into resilient and adaptive leaders. It’s exciting to watch people learn how to make critical decisions and then put them into action. It’s even more fulfilling when I learn our training is being used and that lessons learned are being transferred throughout the business. 

Do you have advice for anyone looking to join BJ Services?

We are looking for people that will support a culture of safety and quality, are process oriented, and ready to make a lasting change in our organization. The expectation is that members of the team are assertive and speak up to influence their peers and leaders toward perfecting operational execution in the oilfield.