Ethics & Stewardship

Delivering social and environmental stewardship through a high reliability organization

At BJ Services, we are committed to conducting our business to the highest ethical standards.

We believe that these standards are essential to sustaining environmental, economic, and social impacts to our clients, our partners, our employees and the communities where we live and work.

We are developing a high-reliability company culture that includes performance insights and measurements to improve efficiencies, minimize risks, and consistently strive for delivering value to all stakeholders who touch our business.  Our performance and responsibility is built upon:

Compliance & Business Ethics

We not only adhere to local, state, and federal regulations, but make business decisions around doing what is right to promote economic growth, reduce environmental impacts, and enrich communities.

Environmental Stewardship

Our organization drives innovation to achieve lower environmental impact. This is accomplished through advanced technology, efficient equipment, and responsible services designed to minimize risks, use less energy, and reduce waste. We also employ sustainability best practices in our offices and at our facilities.

Community & Partner Collaboration

We build strategic partnerships with local businesses, manufacturers, and leaders that uphold our values to ethical and inclusive business practices. Also, we collaborate with our peers and industry associations to share responsibilities and discover new ways for sustainable development.