High Reliability

On the leading edge of operational excellence

Complexity and high-stakes risks are inherent in many industries. High reliability organizations openly address those risks and develop effective systems to maximize safety and increase efficiency.


A high reliability organization (HRO) operates in a complex, high-risk environment and delivers exceptionally safe and consistently high-quality service over time. HROs have “no fail missions” where lives are at considerable risk during every operation and the cost of mistakes can be catastrophic. 


Today’s highly competitive oilfield requires us to consistently execute operations safely and efficiently in an increasingly challenging and dynamic environment. The most effective oilfield organizations develop crews which possess both the technical acumen to execute the job, and the non-technical leadership skills to do it safely and efficiently. By adopting proven tactics, techniques and procedures of crew resource management, our frontline crews demonstrate an increase in situational awareness, communication skills, teamwork, task allocation and decision making, positively impacting our operational safety, efficiency and service quality.