High Reliability Oilfield

Reliability is more than our strategy – it is our commitment. It is how we operate.

This high reliability journey requires robust process improvements and leadership commitment embedded within a safety and quality culture.


A high reliability organization (HRO) operates in a complex, high-risk environment and delivers exceptionally safe and consistently high-quality service over time. HROs have “no fail missions” during every operation and mistakes can have catastrophic consequences.

We are committed to becoming an HRO in the oilfield. Every day we are in high-stakes operations. A single equipment failure, chemical spill or human error can lead to disastrous outcomes.


100% accuracy is the only statistic we strive to achieve. We seek to transform our complex, high-risk operations by incorporating high reliability into everything we do and continually assessing how our services can be better and safer.

Things done right 99.9% of the time means: 

Our proactive approach goes beyond standardized processes and safety programs. We are creating a culture of high reliability with processes that radically reduce system failures and effectively respond when failures do occur.  


Crew Resource Management (CRM) was originally developed by the aviation industry to remedy a recurring problem in cockpit and management teamwork breakdowns during aircraft systems malfunctions.  

It is an integrated training, process improvement and leadership system that incorporates people, material and information resources to enhance safety, operational efficiency and service quality. We use CRM to train our crews how to communicate and handle significant threats to an operation by developing and applying effective countermeasures to minimize risk and improve efficiency.  

This system builds better teamwork, improves problem solving skills, and enables sound and timely decision making.