Our Community

Stronger together

BJ Services is proud to be a part of the communities where we live and work.

We build partnerships with industry societies, community organizations, and local businesses, extending our shared culture and spurring awareness, collaboration, and innovation.

Living and working in our communities, our teams understand the needs and challenges of the individual communities. We encourage our employees to contribute to their local areas. They volunteer, participate in events and make charitable contributions.


We collaborate with our peers and industry associations to share responsibilities and discover new ways for sustainable development. Education, training and addressing challenges within the energy sector helps us to not only grow our business, but improve the industry at large.  


We support local economies by building local capacity through strategic partnerships with local businesses, manufacturers and leadership that uphold our values to ethical and inclusive business practices.  


We are committed to managing and operating our assets in a manner that protects and conserves the environment. We operate our business consistently with all environmental laws and regulations. In addition, we provide education and training to our employees on potential environmental issues that impact their jobs.