Maximizing slurry density control

Falcon cement mixing and pumping units use an integral slurry mixing system to control slurry density and consistency. The control systems also enable programming of multiple slurry blends, including ultra-lightweight cement slurries.

The reliable, twin-pump design features two electronic transmissions and two diesel engines, minimizing downtime. There is ample deck work area, automatic over-pressure shutdown safety system and virtually dust-free mixing environment for safe operation. In addition, it is equipped with control and monitoring systems for control of job parameters, real-time job data acquisition and post-job analysis.  

Technical Data


Maximum Hydraulic Horsepower (HHP)

800 HHP (light), 1,000 HHP (heavy)

Pressure Rating

10,000 psi (68.9 MPa) with standard 4½-in. plunger  /  15,000 psi (103.4 MPa) with 3½-in. plunger

Maximum Slurry Rate

4 bbl/min @ 22-ppg (0.6 m3/min at 2636 kg/m3)  /  10 bbl/min @ 13-ppg (1.6 m3/min at 1557 kg/m3)

Density Control

±0.1-ppg (11.9 kg/m3)

Maximum Displacement Rate

20 bbl/min (3.2 m3/min) with 5-in. plunger