Research & Development

Building on our legacy: Innovating for today and tomorrow

Just like Byron Jackson’s ingenuity forged new innovations, BJ Services honors his legacy and continues to invest in research and development to address our customer’s deepest challenges.  

Our Tomball Technology Center is a 28,000ft2 state-of-the-art laboratory that supports product development and technical support activities. This integrated facility includes hydraulic fracturing, cementing, rock mechanics, analytical testing and equipment design capabilities.

Our Calgary Chemical Technology Centre provides services to all operational areas within Canada. Covering 14,526 ft2 of laboratory and office space, the capabilities of this facility include examining core and drill cuttings in terms of mineralogy and possible rock/fluid interactions, developing and evaluating new fracturing additives and evaluating cement blends. 

These centers house some of the most sophisticated cement testing apparatus and rheological measurement equipment. 


Our comprehensive capabilities include:  

Our active research and development team partners with industry experts, academia, our partners and our clients to design and test specific fluids, slurries, and equipment to address their reservoir, economic, and operational challenges.