Achieving long-term well integrity

From well construction to remediation, our cementing services provide well integrity in primary, secondary or remedial cementing operations 

Cementing services place a cement slurry in the annulus effectively sealing oil, gas and water from the wellbore. This cement sheath effectively secures the casing, isolates production zones, repairs wellbore leak paths and prevents gas or fluid migration. In addition, it must endure the stresses induced by pressure and temperature changes during completion and production, and maintain its integrity if subjected to chemical attack.

At BJ Services, we combine wellsite delivery equipment with downhole cement slurry technology to optimize cement slurry placement, mitigate gas migration and enhance zonal isolation. Our services include meticulous laboratory testing, precise blending at the bulk plant and dependable mixing and pumping operations at the wellsite.  

We actively pursue innovation and develop new technologies that will solve your cementing challenges. Researching and innovating in the areas of cement chemistry, well simulation software, process improvement and pumping equipment design helps you to maximize your production.