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We provide technology that can solve your operational challenges. We continually design and develop new technologies that can lower the cost of operations and reduce the impact on the environment.


We actively pursue innovation.  We invest in developing new technology and improving existing products.  Our expert team and integrated state-of-the-art laboratory allow us to gain a deeper knowledge and provide efficient service.   In addition, we seek opportunities to partner with industry experts, academia, our partners and our clients to develop groundbreaking innovations that further improve your success. 


From design concept to wellsite delivery, a successful operation requires a consistent, safe and reliable process. By understanding your project requirements, we can help you to select the proper slurries, fluids, and additives and provide more efficient service. 

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Related Technology

  • InnoFrac™ LWP

    InnoFrac Lightweight Proppant (LWP) fracture stimulation treatments use lightweight proppants that produce greater effective fracture height and length and higher conductivity, significantly enhancing production.

  • IntegraBond™ FLEX

    IntegraBond FLEX cement systems use a special selection of mechanical property enhancers to improve the flexural and tensile strength, elastic properties and fracture toughness of the set cement.

  • IntegraBond™ HEAL

    IntegraBond™ HEAL is a self-sealing cement system that provides a durable cement sheath, ensuring well integrity and zonal isolation for the life of the well.

  • IntegraBond™ SALT

    Fit-for-purpose cement slurries improve cement bond in salt zones

  • IntegraCem™ FOAM

    IntegraCem FOAM is a lightweight or ultra-lightweight cement slurry system typically used when conventional slurries may cause loss of circulation.

  • IntegraGuard™ RHEO

    Engineered viscosity for effective zonal isolation

  • IntegraGuard™ MULTI

    Spacer system for effective recovery of high volumes of drilling fluids

  • IntegraGuard™ STAR

    IntegraGuard STAR cement spacer system is a unique, well-proven solution for eliminating cement losses associated with cementing operations.

  • IntegraGuard™ ULTRA

    Spacer systems improve the cement bond to the formation by effectively cleaning the wellbore.

  • MatrixCare™

    BJ Services offers a broad range of organic and inorganic acids as well as customized fluids that breakdown sediments within the formation, divert treatments into more productives zones and remove formation damage.


    REACH™ Far Field (FF) Fracturing System is a buoyant, ultra-lightweight solution that places proppant above the horizontal lateral, increasing the conductive fracture area.


    REACH Near Wellbore (NW) Fracturing System is an effective, efficient diversion fluid that prevents chokes In production by ensuring flow paths remain unrestricted.

  • RheoFrac™ LG

    High-yield guar polymer generates greater viscosity

  • ThinFrac™ E

    ThinFrac E fresh water friction reducer is an anionic polymer that provides superior friction reduction

  • ThinFrac™ HV

  • ThinFrac™ MP

    ThinFrac Maximum Permeability (MP) friction reducer provides instantaneous hydration.

  • ThinFrac™ Plus

    ThinFrac FRW-41C is a cationic friction reducer that effectively reduces pumping pressure in up to 275,000 ppm total dissolved solids (TDS) waters.

  • ThinFrac™ PW

    ThinFrac Produced Water (PW) fracturing fluid is specially designed to deliver predictable, effective performance when using produced water from the wellsite.