Spacer Products and Systems

CemCare™ products and systems are efficient, cost-effective solutions.

It also includes a selection of spacer systems. They have been carefully engineered for safe, easy application and consistent, reliable results.  They are well proven in a variety of applications including vertical, deviated and horizontal wells. CemCare Spacer Systems improve mud removal and displacement.

CemCare™ UF

An economical and versatile weighted cement spacer system, providing mud removal and wellbore cleaning in preparation for routine cementing operations.  This spacer is effective in a wide range of well temperatures up to 350°F (177°C).  LEARN MORE >

CemCare™ UB

A cement spacer system proven in North American shale plays.  With engineered viscosity, it provides optimal conditions for cement placement.  This water-based spacer enhances effective mud removal by providing adequate friction pressure and improving mud/spacer/cement compatibilities, helping to improve the cement bond.  LEARN MORE >

CemCare™ MB

A cost-effective scavenger spacer that enables recovery of large volumes of costly oil-based and synthetic drilling muds during primary cementing operations.  Applicable in vertical, highly deviated and horizontal wells, it has been highly effective in shale plays across the US by saving operators tens of thousands of dollars.  They are custom engineered to provide the required fluid stability, friction pressure and density hierarchy for well control and fluid displacement.  LEARN MORE >

For more information about these products, please contact your BJ Services representative.