Innovative Fracturing Solutions

The purpose of stimulating most shale formations is to create an efficient fracture network and enable proppant to penetrate more of the reservoir.  Operators can face numerous obstacles that can make economic recovery challenging.    

  • Slickwater fracturing may are not be efficient because of the low viscosity of the carrier fluid. This situation causes proppant to settle inside the fracture leaving the higher part of the hydraulic fracture unpropped.
  • The fracture geometric design may cause uneven fluid distribution between perforations, leaving part of the reservoir untreated.


Our InnoFrac family of specialized fracturing products allows for more even distribution of the fracture network.  These solutions also enable us to design efficient fractures using less materials and reducing horsepower requirements.

InnoFrac DV

In recompletions, when you want to access untapped portions of the reservoir without permanently isolating existing perforations, InnoFrac DV can provide an effective and economical solution.  This well-proven near wellbore plug provides short-term zonal isolation across existing perforations, providing superior performance.

InnoFrac DP

Shale operators have experienced higher production and recovery than traditional fracturing techniques using InnoFrac DP.  This advanced, water-soluable, temporary diverter particulate solution diverts treatments to damaged, low permeability zones.  It effectively distributes stimulation more evenly, effectively treating perforation clusters to significantly improve well productivity.

InnoFrac LWP

Operating in shale formations requires long, thin fractures.  These lightweight proppants produce greater effective fracture height and length and higher conductivity, compared to slickwater fracturing.  When pumped as a partial monolayer, or in combination with conventional proppants, larger areas of the created fractures remain propped open, improvng overall fracture conductivity and increasing production. LEARN MORE >