Specialized Well Integrity Solutions

IntegraCem Cementing Systems is a group of specialty cementing materials featuring unique properties to overcome specific challenges encountered in during cementing, lost-circulation drilling and remediation operations.

IntegraCem LITE

The IntegraCem™ LITE family is a portfolio of premium, low-density cements that minimize lost circulation and deliver a strong annular seal. They are lighter and have higher strength than conventional options. The offering includes a comprehensive selection of engineered intergrind cements and an exclusive, patented cement blend as well as traditional systems. LEARN MORE >

IntegraCem FOAM

This product is a cost-effective solution to combat lost circulation in highly permeable, extremely fractured, vuggy or cavernous formations. These foamed cement slurries provide low density cement systems to prevent or cure lost circulation. At foam qualities of up to 35%, they create a strong, lightweight cement, ensuring wellbore integrity and an impermeable barrier. At higher foam qualities, they create extremely lightweight slurries capable of curing extreme lost circulation problems. LEARN MORE >

IntegraCem FINE

A cement material with smaller particle size than that of API cements, it is capable of penetrating small orifices and cracks, effectively sealing casing leaks, microannuli, high permeability gravels and sands. The small particle size creates a reactive material that can be formulated to quickly attain high compressive strengths.  

IntegraCem AS

When you need to seal a production zone, and the use of mechanical device is prohibitive due to corroded or split casing, wellbore restrictions or economic restraints, this non-Portland, 100% acid soluble cement systems is a cost-effective solution. This innovative system temporarily seals production zones or lost circulation in potential production zones while drilling. It sets like a cement, but is completely dissolvable with acid, enabling efficient operations.

IntegraCem THIXO

Thixotropic cement slurries are often used to cure severe lost circulation problems encountered while drilling fractured, vuggy or cavernous formations. Our cost-effective solution is for use in surface or intermediate casing strings.