Lost Circulation Prevention Systems

Lost circulation is a major contributor to nonproductive time (NPT) and can cause poor or inadequate zonal isolation and lower than planned cement tops often resulting in expensive remedial operations.

BJ Services IntegraSeal family of products and systems provides trusted solutions to avoid lost circulation and to achieve cementing objectives.

IntegraSeal DSQZ

A bentonite-diesel oil system intended for use in those difficult instances of lost circulation where other fibrous, granular or flake materials fail to create a seal.

IntegraSEAL SB

A unique cement spacer system that reduces fluid invasion and mitigates lost circulation in fragile and fractured formations. Engineered particulates create a barrier at the formation face, effectively strengthening the wellbore, minimizing fluid loss and sealing paths. It can be used to replace multi-stage cementing jobs with one single stage, saving rig time and money.  LEARN MORE >

IntegraSEAL FG

A reactive fluid system that can be used as a stand-alone lost circulation solution or combined with cement slurry to cure losses in highly permeable thief zones.  The fluid stages are pumped in a sequential order, mixing in the lost circulation zones, creating an effective seal.  

IntegraSeal MS

Recycled granular polymer, sized 1/4 in (6.35 mm) used as bridging material to seal off fractured thief zones and helps to restore well circulation. This soft material provides pressure deformation for improved sealing.

IntegraSeal SS

A stand-alone polymeric fluid system designed to mitigate lost circulation in fractured, vugular and high porosity zones. The system is an internally crosslinked fluid that when set forms ultra-high viscosity pseudo solid. The set or crosslink time of the system can be designed for optimum placement as a function of pump rate, well temperature, depth and geometry. System formulations can also be made which have a controlled break time.

IntegraSeal FIBER

A cement additive consisting of monofilament synthetic polymer fibers that when added to cement slurries aids in blocking lost circulation paths in fractured and highly permeable formations. The additive can also be used in plugs to provide a cement with increased durability, resistance to abrasion and mechanical shock.


For additional IntegraSEAL and other lost circulation solutions contact your local BJ Services representative.