REACH Fracturing Systems

Proven to increase production in shale plays throughout North America, REACH Fracturing Systems are a family of engineered solutions. Consisting of a combination of different diverting agents and lightweight proppants, clear flow paths are created to reach more of your reservoir and deliver better production. This customized solution works by redirecting fracturing fluids to increase fracture conductivity, unrestricting hydrocarbon flow. 

REACH FF Fracturing System

During horizontal well fracturing operations, proppant typically settles on the fractures’ low side, restricting hydrocarbon flow. This engineered solution is designed using sophisticated, buoyant, ultra-lightweight proppant that allows expansion of the fracture area on the high side of the horizontal lateral wellbore and better distribution for more productivity from the reservoir. LEARN MORE >

REACH NW Fracturing System

This engineered solution uses advanced diverters and ultra-lightweight proppant to significantly increase hydrocarbon recovery in horizontal, multistage fracturing operations. This highly-effective and efficient system redirects fracturing fluids to untreated perforation sets within the stage, increasing fracture network coverage. It can also accelerate stimulation operations by combining stages with more perforation sets per stage. LEARN MORE >