InnoFrac™ LWP

Improved effective fracture networks with lightweight proppant

InnoFrac Lightweight Proppant (LWP) fracture stimulation treatments use lightweight proppants that produce greater effective fracture height and length and higher conductivity, significantly enhancing production.

Due to the low specific gravity of these proppants, they are neutrally buoyant and can be transported far into the formation fractures, without the settling and banking associated with conventional proppants. When pumped as a partial monolayer, or in combination with conventional proppants, larger areas of the created fractures remain propped open, improving overall fracture conductivity and increasing production.

The neutrally buoyant characteristics of the InnoFrac LWP make it well suited for fracture stimulation operations using slickwater or linear gels, where the proppant transport capacity of the fluid is diminished by low viscosity. 

For extremely water sensitive formations, such as those encountered in some coalbed methane formations, InnoFrac LWP treatments have been designed and pumped with gaseous nitrogen and lightweight proppant slurries where the resulting fracture treatment contains less than 10% liquid.




  • Conventional and unconventional reservoirs, including tight gas sands, shales and coalbed methane
  • Fracturing operations in low-pressure, underpressured and water-sensitive formations
  • Low viscosity, slickwater and linear gel fracture stimulation 
  • Foamed and vapor fracture stimulation

Features and Benefits

  • Low and ultra-low density, enhancing proppant transport
  • Low settling characteristics, reducing proppant banking
  • Greater effective fracture area, higher fracture conductivity and improved production
  • Lower fluid volumes, reducing clean-up and disposal costs
  • Ability to minimize liquid volumes for water sensitive formations
  • Superior crush resistance