IntegraBond™ HEAL

A self-healing cement system for a superior cement annular seal

IntegraBond HEAL is a self-sealing cement system that provides a durable cement sheath, ensuring well integrity and zonal isolation for the life of the well. Because of changes in pressure and temperature to the cement sheath over time, the cement sheath may fail or crack and allow annular pressure to build up. This cracking and pressure build-up can result in: 

  • Sustained casing pressure
  • Cross flow
  • Lost production
  • Collapsed casing
  • Contaminated water zones
  • Increased workover costs

By incorporating IntegraBond HEAL additive into the cement blend, this solution improves the mechanical properties of the cement. If the cement cracks and is infiltrated by hydrocarbons, upon contact, the self-sealing material absorbs the hydrocarbon and swells the material to plug the gap and shut off and seal the hydrocarbon flow. The additive remains inactive in the set cement until hydrocarbon contacts the material. 

Results show that cracks up to 0.009 in. (0.2286 mm) can be effectively sealed. It can self-seal multiple times and delivers a durable cement sheath in a wide variety of field conditions. 

Technical Data

Typical Properties

Conventional Cement Slurry Compressive Strength 

2,300 psi

IntegraBond HEAL Cement Slurry Compressive Strength 

2,350 psi

Conventional Cement Slurry Tensile Strength 

235 psi

IntegraBond HEAL Cement Slurry Tensile Strength

350 psi

Conventional Cement Slurry Young’s Modulus

 1.6 X 106

IntegraBond HEAL Cement Slurry Young’s Modulus

 7 X 105 

Conventional Cement Slurry Poisson’s Ration


IntegraBond HEAL Cement Slurry Poisson’s Ration



  • Critical primary cementing operations
  • Vertical, inclined and horizontal wellbores
  • Fields with a history of sustained annular pressure
  • Wells exposed to high-pressure fracturing operations

Features and Benefits

  • Shuts off liquid hydrocarbon flow through cement matrix cracks or micro-annulus 
  • Addresses and mitigates risks associated with sustained casing pressure 
  • Enhances durability of cement 
  • Improves tensile to compressive strength ratio 
  • Mixed and pumped with conventional cementing equipment 
  • Can effectively strengthen the wellbore to minimize lost circulation 
  • Compatible with all API, ASTM, Pozzolan, and lightweight cement systems. 
  • Compatible with virtually all API and ASTM cements and most BJ Services cement additives