IntegraCem™ LITE


The IntegraCem™ LITE family is a portfolio of premium, low-density cements that minimize lost circulation and deliver a strong annular seal. They are lighter and have higher strength than conventional options. The offering includes a comprehensive selection of engineered intergrind cements and an exclusive, patented cement blend as well as traditional systems.

Lightweight Cement Properties

Our lightweight cements are designed to ensure wellbore integrity throughout the well life cycle:

Slurry stability during placement. Lightweight cements will lower hydrostatic pressure and provide a stable slurry over a wide range of temperatures during cement placement. This capability reduces lost circulation and provides the desired top of cement.

Superior tensile and early compressive strength. These cements can be engineered to optimize set-cement properties. Having higher early compressive strength translates to faster time to drill to the next stage and faster time to completion of the overall cementing process. Lower set cement permeability leads to better zonal isolation. They can also be tuned such that setting times and gel transition prevent gas migration and improve overall well integrity.

Engineered sustainable resiliency. Completion intensity has increased exponentially as longer horizontal wells are completed by fracturing with more stages and high-rate pumping. Our lightweight cements can be engineered to have the necessary strength to overcome wellbore stresses induced by completion operations. They are resilient to downhole changes in pressure and temperature to contain the fractures and maintain annular hydraulic isolation.

Low-density, lightweight cement tested as alternative to reduce lost circulation, achieve desired top of cement in long horizontal wells

Lightweight cements are demonstrating the resilience needed to withstand the stresses posed by horizontal well operations and achieving long-term well integrity.