IntegraGuard™ MULTI

Spacer System

This innovative pozzolanic scavenger spacer is pumped ahead of the cement slurry in sufficient volume to displace the drilling mud to surface. The drilling mud can then be reused or reprocessed. Considering the high value of these muds, this recycling capability can lead to a significant reduction in the overall well cost. 

The density and viscosity of IntegraGuard MULTI spacer systems are engineered to provide the required fluid stability, friction pressure and density hierarchy for well control and fluid displacement. Set time of the systems are adjusted to ensure adequate placement time. Fluid compatibility and wellbore conditioning are further enhanced by preceding MULTI spacer with conventional water-based spacer. 

Technical Data

Typical Properties

Typical Temperature Range

Up to 300˚F (149˚C) 

Typical Density Range

8.3 to 14 ppg 


  • Non-aqueous drilling fluids recovery
  • Primary cementing
  • Oil and gas wells
  • Vertical, deviated and horizontal wells 

Features and Benefits

  • Cost-effective recovery of high volumes of non-aqueous drilling fluids 
  • Improved wellbore stabilization and reduced casing corrosion
  • Enhanced zonal isolation and wellbore integrity
  • Engineered to match wellbore conditions
  • Prepared and pumped with conventional cementing equipment