IntegraGuard™ ULTRA

Improving mud cleanup for better cement bonding

IntegraGuard ULTRA spacer systems improve the cement bond to the formation by effectively cleaning the wellbore. Preceding the cement, this spacer enhances mud displacement efficiency and prevents cement slurry contamination. At high temperatures and densities, or when additional viscosity is required, IntegraGuard ULTRA HV should be used. 

IntegraGuard ULTRA spacer polymer is typically provided as a liquid concentrate, making it easy to prepare on the rig site. For extreme low temperature environments, the dry powder version may be preferred. 

With the aid of different surfactant packages, the UF spacer system can be used with most non-aqueous drilling fluids. This spacer is effective in a wide range of well temperatures and can be prepared at densities up to 20 ppg. 

Technical Data

Typical Properties

Typical Density Range

9 to 20 ppg (0.08 to 0.18 kg/m³)

Typical Temperature Range

up to 350°F (177°C) BHCT


  • Primary and remedial cementing operations 
  • Vertical, deviated and horizontal wells

Features and Benefits

  • Improves mud cleanup for better cement bonding
  • Easily prepared and pumped with conventional cementing equipment
  • Improves bonding to the formation and pipe
  • Effective in a wide range of good temperatures 
  • Compatible with most water- and oil-based drilling muds by varying the surfactant packages