Improving reservoir productivity in horizontal wells

REACH Far Field (FF) Fracturing System is a buoyant, ultra-lightweight solution that places proppant above the horizontal lateral, increasing the conductive fracture area.

Typically, in horizontal well fracturing operations, proppant settles on the fractures’ low side, restricting hydrocarbon flow. REACH FF expands the fracture area on the high side of the horizontal lateral wellbore, allowing more productivity from the reservoir. In addition, this technology reduces the required sand volume to support hydraulic fracturing, minimizing operational costs. 

REACH FF technology can be used in unconventional and tight sand oil and gas reservoirs as well as for slickwater and linear gel fracturing operations. 


  • Conventional reservoirs
  • Slickwater and linear gel fracturing operations
  • Unconventional and tight sand oil and gas reservoirs

Features and Benefits

  • Places proppant above the lateral for improved proppant distribution 
  • Improved proppant placement reduces multistage stimulation times
  • Increases conductive fracture area
  • Improves reservoir recovery rates