ThinFrac™ MP

Enhancing Proppant Transport

ThinFrac Maximum Permeability (MP) friction reducer is a high-viscosity yielding and cost-effective polyacrylamide polymer. It allows efficient hydration and develops nearly instaneous viscosity, in slickwater fracturing operations. It reduces pipe friction pressure by as much as 85% compared, lowering hydraulic horsepower requirements and improving operational efficiency. 


Technical Data

Typical Properties


Off-white liquid

Specific Gravity

1.06 g/cc ± 0.1

Pour Point

<-20˚ /F (-29˚C)



Ionic Charge



  • Slickwater fracturing operations
  • Energized slickwater fracturing operations
  • Linear gel applications
  • Foamed applications

Features and Benefits

  • Anionic formulation allows rapid hydration in 8 to 10 seconds in cold water
  • Low pour point enables application in cold weather
  • Compatibility with fresh water, brines, and low pH-fluids, reducing water management and disposal costs and logistics 
  • Its liquid state enables fast, accurate metering and mixing
  • Reduces pipe friction by up to 85%