Our ThinFrac family of linear gels can help create large, complex fracture networks.

These family of fluids are water based and they contain gelling agents or polymers that can have some proppant transport capabilities and reduce friction pressure when pumped, resulting in lower hydraulic horsepower requirements. We offer formulations for different temperature ranges and varying water qualities.

ThinFrac MP

This innovative friction reducer improves the efficiency of slickwater fracturing operations and has been proven to increase production in North American shale plays.  This superior, cost-effective nondamaging polymer develops nearly instantaneous viscosity and reduces pipe friction pressure by as much as 85% compared to conventional fluids, lowering hydraulic horsepower requirements and improving operational efficiency.  LEARN MORE >

ThinFrac PW

By reusing produced water during hydraulic fracturing operations, this premium product has saved operators tens of thousands of barrels of fresh water and hundreds of thousands of dollars.  This specially designed fracturing fluid delivers predictable, effective performance when using produced water from the wellsite– even of varying water qualities.  LEARN MORE >

For additional ThinFrac products and other friction reducing solutions contact your local BJ Services representative.