Our ThinFrac family of friction reducers enhances proppant transport to create large, complex fracture networks

This family of friction reducers is water-based and contains gelling agents or polymers that can improve proppant transport capabilities and reduce friction pressure when pumped, resulting in lower hydraulic horsepower requirements. We offer anionic or cationic polymers and formulations for various water qualities.

ThinFrac MP

This innovative, proprietary friction reducer improves the efficiency of slickwater fracturing operations and has been proven to increase production in North American shale plays. This enhanced polymer provides rapid hydration, delivers the proppant to the fractures when and where it is required and breaks cleanly with little to no proppant pack or formation damage. LEARN MORE >

ThinFrac HV

This anionic, high-viscosity-yielding friction reducer improves proppant transport and has proven effective in high-rate applications.  This technology is designed to be used in fresh water with brine concentrations up to 7% KCL. It has effective viscosity and proppant transport properties. LEARN MORE>

ThinFrac PW

By reusing produced water during hydraulic fracturing operations, this technology has saved operators tens of thousands of barrels of fresh water and hundreds of thousands of dollars. This specially designed fracturing fluid delivers predictable, effective performance when using produced water from the wellsite up to 300,000 mg/L. LEARN MORE >

ThinFrac Plus

This advanced cationic friction reducer can reduce friction pressure by as much as 80% during fracturing operations. It is highly effective in fresh and up to 275,000 ppm total dissolved solids (TDS) waters. The fast hydration times provides immediate friction reduction. LEARN MORE >

ThinFrac E

This economical, freshwater friction reducer can effectively reduce pipe friction, enhancing overall operational efficiency. The anionic polymer can reduce pipe friction by as much as 80% and has been effective in slickwater fracturing and large, multistage fracturing operations. LEARN MORE >

ThinFrac D  

Effectively reduce pipe friction while simplifying logistics with this dry anionic friction reducer. 

For additional ThinFrac products and other friction reducing solutions contact your local BJ Services representative.