Redefining Shale Fracturing Fluids

ThinFrac MP friction reducer is a pioneer, single-fluid solution that provides rapid hydration, enhances proppant transport and breaks precisely and cleanly with less proppant pack or formation damage.   

The deployment of ThinFrac MP has been proven in North America shale plays to increase productivity by up to 70% and lower operational costs by up to 30%.

Redefining Shale Fracturing Fluids: Friction Reducers Drive Performance Efficiencies

One of the most important aspects in the development of hydraulic fracturing processes has been the evolution of highly effective fracturing fluids. Choosing the most appropriate fracturing treatment to maximize effectiveness can be critical to the success of your project. 

When you download this white paper, you will learn about the advantages friction reducers offer over other fracturing fluids in unconventional reservoirs and our recent advancements to friction reducer technology.

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E&P Magazine: Engineered Friction Reducers Enhance Proppant Transport

A synthetic polymer friction reducer enables proppant loading and productivity in the wellbore.

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Case Study: Reducing cost and complexity in Oklahoma

To simplify operations, reduce costs and reduce logistics, ThinFrac MP one-solution friction reducer was deployed on three-well pad with 75 stages, and a two-well pad with 100 stages. 

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Case Study: Minimizing NPT in the Marcellus Shale

ThinFrac MP’s ability to act as a linear fluid viscosifier easily attained the additional viscosity needed, effectively placed the proppant across the problem stages and reduced non-productive time.

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Case Study: Improving production up to 70% in the Eagle Ford

An operator in the Eagle Ford Shale was performing multistage, horizontal fracturing operations and required a product that would deliver higher regain permeabilities to enhance production.

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Case Study: Enhancing operational efficiency in Western Canada

An operator in Western Canada was experiencing higher surface treating pressures than expected. BJ Services engineers recommended using ThinFrac MP as an effective friction reducer, decreasing completion time and saving an estimated USD 600,000. 

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